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Remodel your dream structure

Are you thinking to renovate your dream home in best budget, let’s talk to us for Best Renovation Loans in Singapore on minimum interest rate at GTcredits we are 10 years experienced loan firm based in Singapore. Our loan terms also available for small and short term to large and long term,  Contact us we will consult you to choose best renovation loan according to your requirements.

Renovate your home in affordable budget in Singapore, whole renovation might be complicated for this we brings customized renovation loan in this you can take loan for particular parts of renovations like furniture, room, hall, garage and individuals it depends on your needs.

We guarantee you for minimum interest rates as compare to big name loan companies please take a free consult with us before applying renovation loan in Singapore.

Credibly competitive lenders interest rates can be low and with attractive offers but make sure they’re legal and registered through government.

Benefits of Renovation Loan

You can borrow up to 6 times of your monthly income or more. If you need more loan amount then we have another and legal solution. Because sometime its need to complete remodel and that time loan amount of 6 time of your monthly income may not be enough to cover all cost.

You must have permanent resident of Singapore. Applicant age will be above 21 years and annual income should be at least S$24,000.

GT Credits Renovation Loans includes following terms for renovating your property.

  • Painting and designing works.
  • Electrical wiring and fitting works.
  • Cabinet works.
  • Structural alteration works.
  • Floor and tiling works.
  • Plumbing renovation or fitting works.

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