About us

Looking for a bank card with a cashback, a loan with a lower interest rate or a deposit with favourable conditions in Singapure? Use the free Loan Technologies service to quickly find a bank, credit institution or banking product.

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Loan Technologies is based on specific tasks:

To select the product meeting your objectives.
Service is a directory of financial services: offers of banks, microfinance institutions and insurance companies are collected here so you can get full official information about company and products in one place. The data is regularly updated – our staff checks for relevance and eliminates inaccuracies.

Save time and money

More than 1,000 detailed descriptions of banking products have already been published. You no longer have to waste your time studying the terms and conditions of individual banks. Use our Loan Technologies service to see the advantages and disadvantages of the selected product and then compare it with offers from competing banks.

Calculate personal terms

Online tools make it easy for users to make their choice. Use the calculators to figure out how much you’ll benefit from opening a deposit with the bank, or what your monthly financial burden should be under the loan programme. Change the initial figures and see how you get on. It is also possible to compare several bank offers on the basis of interest rate, profitability or rating in order to choose a better option.

Financial advice

If you have a problem or question when choosing a bank card, loan or credit, contact the Loan Technologies staff. You will quickly get expert advice in the support chat. Information assistance is provided by specialists with economics and law degrees and relevant work experience.

Keep your personal information safe

You do not need to register or give any personal information to start using the service. When you choose a service, we will automatically direct you to a financial institution’s page where you can fill in an application. Bank websites guarantee the security and privacy of your personal details.

Show true information.
Get more authentic product information to help you make a better choice.

Improve your financial literacy

Financial literacy is an essential competence for the modern person. This knowledge helps to manage personal finances rationally. Understanding this topic is not as difficult as it sounds: pick up thematic resources, learn more about techniques and tools, and then put the knowledge into practice. Especially for those who would like to learn how to deal with money, the Loan Technologies Journal publishes new expert material every day.